Artists/ Vendors


jess mudgett

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Jess is a killer skater and graphic artist with a southwestern/traditional tattoo style. When he is not designing for a magnitude of brands, coffee shops, storefronts or bars, he collects and creates art on a variety of surfaces and objects, such as work gloves, skulls and rusty old cans. This will be his second year at Landlocked, so make sure to check out his booth and his featured art in and around the venue on Landlocked banners and the Rawhide box truck.


Sid enck jr

Sid recently planted his roots, well, the four wheels of his van, here in Idaho. He has been traveling the country, popping up his studio in various places, creating a magnitude of works inspired by the people he meets and the places and landscapes he explores. He has work in multiple galleries and boutiques, runs a screen printing business, Black Arrow printing, is a killer potter, sculptor, painter, rad skater… you name it.



You could say that Ginger McCabe has been a seamstress her whole life. She grew up learning and working alongside her father in his canvas shop, in 2009 she landed a job with Langlitz Leathers and now she thrives off of her own company, New Church Moto. She has been customizing in motorcycle upholstery for 10 years; handcrafting stylish seats and a variety of killer bags.

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“Everything I do, I do with passion. Every tiny silver rose I make. Every cut. Every casting. Every design. I turn the rock n roll on full blast, or let the raw and true words of outlaw country remind me that I’m not alone. Sometimes I just work in total silence and listen to the hiss of my torch in front of me. But it’s all done with passion. I make my pieces to look like they belong on us, as an extension of who we are and what we are doing. A little uneven. Unpolished. A bit gritty. Playing pool in the dustiest dive bars, at a show, or on the back of a vintage chopper on the highway in the desert. This is me, and this is Desert Condor.”



Based out of Eastern Oregon, Steve Dewey Coleman is a master of his craft. His work is timeless, yet contemporary with a western style that can appeal to all. He handcrafts incredible pieces from duffel bags to tobacco pouches to the fine hat he is wearing in this photo. His work is top notch, to say the least.

Image 5-14-19 at 6.24 PM.jpeg


From the future, Sergey is certainly a one of a kind dude. He travels the world tattooing out of rad shops, his van or in the middle of the forest- your choice. He specializes in sad traditional tattoos and idolizes death, but has got to be one of the happiest and nicest people out there. Definitely take the time to meet Sergey and if your lucky, get tattooed out of his van.

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Tim Riley is a talented photographer and graphic designer.

“I am a thirty-one year old agent of Grace based in Portland, Oregon. I specialize in portraiture and graphic art. I enjoy motorcycles, chow mein, building things, painting, cooking, spontaneous dancing, bicycles, skateboarding, nachos, watching movies, waffles, and long walks on the beach. I desire to live a simple life. A life of love, full of compassion. God is my hope. It is by His mercy and grace that I am Free.”

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Regatta Garage is a small shop located in Salt Lake City, UT, specializing in building custom parts for vintage and modern Harley Davidson motorcycles, as well as other makes. From sissybars and handlebars to full-builds using the highest quality materials and processes. Built one bike at a time.



Brigette Nelson, a helping hand in Landlocked this year, is the owner/operator of The Garden City Projects and co-owner of Maven, a downtown storefront full of handmade and vintage goods. With a background in public sculpture and blacksmith/metal fabrication, she focuses on making jewelry from found objects, reclaimed materials and a variety of metals. She also specializes in fused glass, sculpture and design. You can find her and her sweet little 1964 Ford Econoline, SteVan, outside of the venue as well as in this year’s promo video.